Hilton Buenos Aires Residences combines characteristics of the best suite hotels in the world with the well known service and quality of the Hilton. Which opens for the first time in Argentina.
The building contains 90 residences of nearly 474 sq. ft. and 107 residences of nearly 1022 sq. ft., made to accomodate executives, professionals and businessmen who travel on business or for pleasure.
But above all, Hilton Buenos Aires Residences is an excellent real estate investment that will yield an attractive return.
The 197 units will be up for sale and will be registered in the buyer's names. Each investor will participate in the economic benefit of the entire building operation. That is, the return of the investment will be related to the percentage of occupancy of the whole complex of residences, instead of being subjected only to the unit bought.

This, added to a rent for periods of daily instead of monthly occupancy, makes Hilton Buenos Aires Residences represent an excellent alternative for any other type of real estate investment.
Because you have the assurance that the administration and maintenance of your property is in the hands of Hilton International. This is without a doubt a unique opportunity in the Argentine market. Due to its privileged location, as the Hilton Buenos Aires Residences are right in the heart of Puerto Madero. A place with an unbeatable real estate value today, and an excellent projection for the future.
Very near the city, but in a soothing location surrounder by water, sky and green spaces. Because it is in Madero Este, close to office buildings, convention centers, restaurants, a square, a shopping mall, cinemas, a museum and lots of other interesting places.

For more information, please visit our showroom o call to:
Giménez Zapiola Binswanger
Tel: 4811-4091.